Love is not a term to be defined, not even a feeling someone can express, it differs from one person to another, though some common conditions are the same to all. Love is trust, respect, patience, forgiveness, courage, appreciation, sacrifice and so many other stuff, and you count, it also has a spiritual side that no one can genuinely outline, and that is the spark that you once felt.

Sometimes we fall in love because we are lonely or because we want to feel valuable to someone else’s eyes and that is by far the most selfish thing, love is not an accessory, it is a selfless feeling. It is when you give all you have to make your significant other happy and comfortable without expecting anything in return and that what is called “True Love.”

When you are in love, you love the person of who they are not of what they can become. You are not here in this relationship to fix anyone, you accept them of who they are, however, if there is anything that needs to be fixed do not worry this will be arranged but on their own terms, not yours. 

Our heart is like a cozy hostel, it has limited locked rooms inside of it, but not everyone is invited in or can unlock those precious places inside unless they have their key card. Furthermore, there is a board of members that run this place, the primary creators, and those are your family; mother, father, sister, brother and more are added throughout the years like; sons, daughters and life partners (but not any partner).

If we failed in a relationship and broke up with no returns, and we still feel good about ourselves after the termination, then this Relationship might have been a weak love alert, yes we were once in love, but the feeling wasn’t that strong to survive any complications. This ex-partner of us was only a guest in our heart and not a board member. They had a temporarily key to a room we used to rent for them, they were never, and they will never be one of the board members, just part-timers especially if we could have loved after them “ your true love is your last love” Ehsan Abdelqudous.

To sum up, your true love will always be a board member and will still have their master key card to your heart; they will never leave even if they want to.


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