There are definite signs that will determine, wither the feelings you have for your partner is love, or otherwise. you have to define them soon before you confess your feelings to one another.


1- You think of them less physically.

2- You spend hours of talking without even realizing how much time was consumed.

3- After some time and not very long, you will begin to trust them.

4- Their aching is your pain.

5- You want to be a better person.

6-You will always feel safe at their company.

7-   You will talk about the future with them.

8-   The best time of the day is when you are with them.

9-   You will always think of them.

10-   you might finish their sentences or even say the same sentence at once.


1-   You will be attracted to their physical appearance. 

2-   Quality time and deep conversations with them are boring to you.

3-   You will sway them with your outfits, of course, who will not want to look their best in front of the person they are in love with, but still if you are trying so hard then you are not yourself around them, you want them to be fascinated by a shallow quality you have fashioned.

4-   There will be no connection between you two.

5-   You will have nothing in common.

6-   You are not friends.

7-   You will never be concerned about each others problems.

8-   Intimacy is too much.

9-   Always expecting something in return.


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