Countless movies and novels talk about love and define it in many different ways, however not so many talked about dropping out of it, it is the hardest sensation anyone can relate.

Falling out of love is not sudden, although you will feel that it suddenly happened. Many things could lead you to experience that feeling, like (a) thinking negatively of your partner and having too many fights, (b) arguing a lot, (c) lack of gratitude (d) the abuse whether it’s physical or emotional. To elaborate, it takes four stops in that journey, and if you reached them all, then congratulations you are definitely out of love and you are saying your last goodbyes.

(a) Thinking negatively of your partner is what leads to lots of arguing and fighting because there might be a lack of trust and intimacy. It is like you feel that everything they say or do is a conspiracy from their side to damage you. As a result, this is the first stop that a couple will pass through in that journey.

(b) Fighting and arguing are typical in a relationship; it is a way of communication; like fighting over which folks are you going to spend holidays with or whether you guys should eat your meals in the kitchen or at the living room in front of the football game. Nevertheless, it is all sensless fights that any couple can go through, but if these fights are done regularly and in a less respectful way, well that can create a small hole in the relationship that can get bigger and greater, besides that could be your second stop.

(c) Lack of gratitude from one or both sides means the absence of feelings and caring, and once you lost those two things, they will never come back again. Wistfully, if you felt that you had lost them, then that is your third stop, my dear.

(d) Abusing your lover physically or emotionally is the cruelest thing anyone could do, and I don’t think that there are any excuses for accepting such behavior. In my opinion, that would be the real deal breaker because once we headed to that point, then the destination has been reached and there is someone here probably has fallen out of love and never coming back.


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