Appreciation & Sacrifice (Married Couple)

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Sacrifice is doing something you have never done to get something you have never had (quoted Suzanne Evans) but not any something; there are rules for that. However, many people misused the word compromise to the word sacrifice.

When a spouse leaves their house, old job, and country for a new job in another state which offers an excellent pay so they could support their new small family and build them a stable budget, well, that is a sacrifice. They sacrifice their lifestyle and miss most of the family moments, Probably, they are going to be absent for the first time their kids have the chickenpox, their first birthday, and maybe even their first heartbreak, not to mention, the emotion support they gain from their partner and the romantic moments they could have spent together.


Appreciation means to acknowledge and value the right makings of someone. Trade your expectation to recognition and the world changes instantly (quoted Troy Robbins). If you expect something from someone you care about, and one day you didn’t find it, search more for the reasons why and you will find some pretty good explanations for that pause as he/she didn’t just change out of the blues.

You have to appreciate your partner for staying up late with the kids and never ask them why they are tired all the time, instead, make them feel better and fashion something relaxing and unique to bring them out of the stress they are enduring. On the other hand, you must also appreciate your spouse hard work and spending most of their time at multiple jobs, and that by never criticize them about not spending a lot of time with the family, instead, you can plan a long family weekend where you can spend some quality time together.


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