Six Things Men Should Beawar​e of When They Are Dating The One.

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When it comes to love and relationships, women always wish that they can understand their men especially if the connection is severe. And because women are from Venus and men are from mars there are some differences, therefore, here are some things that women wish their guys to do to make them feel comfy, however, maybe those things may seem irrelevant to the men’s mindset, but they are critical for the women to experience.

Eye Contact

When you speak to us, do not break eye contact and look the other way. Sometimes men do not want to look directly into a woman eyes because they are shy or they do not want them to feel uncomfortable. But believe me women never feel embarrassed when the man they have a crush on or in love with do that; however, it makes them feel loved and respected and also it can be a definite sign that you are interested in them.

Gifts Policy

Believe it or not, at the beginning of the relationship women do not like it when you shower them with gifts. Meanwhile, they want you to shower them with genuine compliments and meaningful actions; like opening the car door for them, compliment them about that bad hair day they had although they look so pretty, and so many other stuff. According to an independent women attitude, gifts for no reason is so impersonal.

Spoil Us

Actions speak louder than words for sure, but to us women, we love it when you talk tender, it is so sweet when we hear you address us with some cute pet names and when you hint about how much you love us if you still did not tell us the I LOVE YOU word. Try to be a bit romantic even if you are not, make some effort man she is worth it.

Share Your Problems

Most men think that if they share the problems they possess in their life that would make them look bad and needy in front of their partner. However, this is entirely not true women love it when you share your problems with them because that will make them feel that you do care about their opinion and that you trust them and trust their judgments.

introduce Us To Your Friends

At the beginning of the relationship, women love it when you present them to your close friends and relatives. It makes them feel secure and valued as you want them to be a part of your other personal life, and that will be another obvious hint that you like your woman and want her to be more than a friend to you if you still didn’t confess your feelings yet.

The L Word

last but to least, if you are in love with a woman and you have been trying to confess your feelings to her, do not hold yourself back for so long because you will surely act weirdly. It is odd for a woman to treated like a partner, and she is not. Most men do not care to put a label on their relationship because they are practical when it comes to romance. But believe it or not that put a lot of pressure on your woman and make her wonder if you have feelings for her or you are just testing the water and see if this connection is going to work out or not.


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