Many studies have proven that falling in love with someone so fast is possible, but that rule does not apply to two strangers that do not know each other before. It is not possible to fall in love with someone you have never seen you should have shared some handful memories, and moments otherwise, it would be only a physical attraction that might lead to love afterward.

studies also claimed that falling in love with someone so fast is not an impulsive behavior, it is a divine and exclusive feeling not everyone can experiences, however, the way a person deals with this feeling is the action which might lead to many drawbacks and troubles that can affect the relationship before it starts.

If you suddenly clicked with someone do not freak out but try to make it as a lift point, have some quality time together to understand each other personalities’ pros and cons and later on, you can proudly avow your love to each other.

They say that love can come after spending some time in a relationship and I completely agree with that because mutual respect and admiration can lead to love, but it would be even wonderful to have love present first because if this love is true, then those qualities mentioned above will already be present without any fuss.

To sum up, you can fall in love in a blink of an eye but be aware of your actions do not rush and force your feelings otherwise you might trick yourself into thinking that you love this person in front of you, you should be honest in every word you say and every emotion you believe you have.


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