The Magic Of True Love Stages. (law of Attraction)

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Stage One: Preparation mode

Have you ever felt all of a sudden that you want to change everything in your life and find peace and harmony; like remolding your house, replace your floor tiles, cut out some people off your life with no reason or for a reason? Well, this is the first sign that your true love is coming your way, unintentionally you will be trying to prepare yourself for their arrival you’re cutting out all the toxic stuff you think you have in your life and attract more positive vibes while repelling the negative energy out.

Stage Two: Exceptional feeling

In that stage, you will feel that there is someone out there calling for you. Sometimes your brain might trick you into thinking of a past lover, and you begin to review all your previous relationships to give some excuses that make you believe that you were still in love with one of them. to sum up, in that stage, you will be trying to fill that strange feeling you are experiencing with something familiar because it is so hard on the human mind to handle the unknown.

Stage Three: Hints & signs

There are two scenarios to this stage:

First, If your true love is already someone you knew before but didn’t have the chance to connect with, you will suddenly find that this person is popping in your mind now and then, it is like you want to talk to them even if it has been years of no talking you just go and search for them, but be aware that this search may last for several months and that is not because it is impossible to find them but because you are not putting all your efforts towards this task, however, you sometimes put that search on hold and later on you strike again like a crazy person, as a result, that emotional rollercoaster will end once you take the decision to explore hard enough to locate them

on the other hand, the Second scenario is if your true love is someone you do not know and has never met before, in that case, you will always endure wired dreams that symbolize love you will dream of oceans, trees, meadows or you will dream of rescuing someone from something terrible.

Stage Four: Falling in love

After you have connected with your one and only, you will fall so hard, and I mean hard it is like they “open you up, shaking you” Ralph Smart. Meanwhile, you will be sharing with them everything with no filters or barriers, and the strange thing is that you will not feel odd at all. To elaborate, You will experience this divine connection that awakens you and makes you feel things you have never felt before in your life, you will think that they are your mirror, not your other half, your advisor and not your critique, and the precious thing of all is that you will not be forcing any feeling to come out.

Stage Five: The fairytale

if you are in a real love relationship, then it would be kind of confusing to admit your feelings by mouthing “I love you” because both of you want to make these three words count, however, your love for each other will be evident from your actions.
Finally, and after both of you made your feelings known and begin your relationship, you will then begin your beautiful and permanent journey together that nothing can tear it down with God’s blessings and help.


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