Seven Things Men Wish Women Know About

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Do Not Be Subspecies All The Time.

When we catch a glimpse of a beautiful lady passing by us, that does not mean that we are checking her out or that we are perverts, however, we are just admiring God’s Almighty beauty, you can only be mad at us if we took another look at her because that will be us checking her out.

We Can Have a Blank Mind For a While.

When you ask us what are you thinking about and we replied nothing, then this is the truth men are not like women our mind can be blank for up to five minutes, it is, however, a scientifical truth.

Ask Directly.

If you want something do not drop hints and speak in code, sometimes our minds can not intercept what you want, you have to ask for what you want directly.

Not a Supreme Shopping Buddy.

Most men cannot spend loads of time shopping and mix n’ matching; we can buy our stuff in a glimpse of an eye. Still, that doesn’t mean that women are shopaholics or that we are a hasty gender, women just have a lot of choices to choose from, on the other hand, men have limited picks in the fashion industry, so there is no need to explore the same items in different stores, it is a waste of time.

We Do Care, But There Is No Need To Stare.

If we do not make enough eye contact with you that does not mean that we do not care about you or that we are not paying attention to what you ladies are saying, sometimes we do not want you to feel uncomfortable, especially if we sense that you might have a crush on us.

Friday is a Game night.

Sometimes we need to spend some quality time with our guy friends alone to gain some male perspective. However, that does not mean that we are putting you on hold or trying to ghost you. Women should let their men spend some time alone with their gang as they will appreciate you for it later because when it is payback time there will be no hassle and bustle from their side and also that will show your man how much you trust him.

When We Ask, And You Say Nothing.

if we ask you what is wrong with you and you do not give us an answer, we might not ask again, and that is because we do not want to invade your personal space, so we just give you some time to brainstorm as we really want to solve your problems we are not running from them.


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