Being successful in what you do is something important, because who does not want to be up-and-coming, however, there are rules to accomplish that dream and that by focusing on what we do, we should be motivated, take risks and fear nothing.
If you want to succeed at anything you do, you should be well inspired.

Things That destroys Motivation:

Fear of Failure

People with high self-esteem never complain about the presence of this habit while others who always seek perfection and desire nothing but the best are complaining of having this phobia.
“They say if you want something badly then you might ruin everything you have worked for because of the rush” As a result, you should become less hasty and have the patience for If you rush something you might kill it.

Rejecting criticisms

criticism should be accepted because there might be something wrong that needs to be fixed, think of these critics as your personal free of charge advisors who might help in updating your points of view and improve your professional teqniques.


If you multitask then you will be distracting yourself from focusing on your goal’s achievements, however, If you are working on a task and you keep on puzzling yourself with social media or personal phone calls you might shift your focus. One should organize their times and give everything its course because there is a time for everything and for everything its place.

Not resting

quality time is needed, one should have a timeout because nothing will be accomplished on an unrested body, also It is recommended by professionals that an average person must take at least two hours of rest every day as they can do nothing but to relax.


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