Habits are the things that we use to do daily, it’s kind of our own traditions that we have built to ourselves. Some of these habits are good, but others are dreadful like; nail biting, eating junk food, hair picking, being untidy and last but not least SMOKING!

When I say smoking here I do not mean smoking cigarettes only, I also mean vaping and smoking shisha (hookah). Why you are burning? Are you addicted to nicotine, do you see yourself cool by doing that, or you just got used to this habit and cannot quit it.

Nicotine is not addictive; your brain is just tricking you into thinking that you are addictive, think about it. Frankly, I see that you will never quit smoking any substance unless you really want to, and it is better to want to stop when you are healthy instead of forcing yourself to resign because of health reasons.

Remedies for quitting smoking:

1- Don’t let you’re the nicotine withdrawal hoax you, when your body is getting rid of that substance you will always feel the urge to smoke again, you will always feel that there is something missing, therefore, tell yourself that this thing you are missing out is a curse that your body is letting go of and you have to win that battle.

2- Do not get rid of your vape or your cigarettes, look at them and think of how horrible they once made your body suffer.

3- Exercise, get your self a massage & facial, or even have a walk with your headphone on screaming motivational songs.

4- Remind yourself why you are quitting, as everyone has their own reasons.


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