Resolution #1: The Doorman is the man

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God creates us equal with some differences in our anatomy according to our gender (Male-Female), everyone in any religion is equal sometimes our rights are different, but it is sure to equal when you interpret it in the right way. However, in society, a lot of people are not treated equally like the doorman for instance.

The help, such an amazing word; it means the people who help us because clearly, we can’t do a lot of stuff by ourselves so we hire them to help us. However, this word became so offensive to some people because we are the one who made it like that instead of making it the greatest job of all (the helping hand).

Anyone helps you with something and got paid for it no matter how much you pay them, is a help, like doctors, they help you to get better, teachers, they help educate you to be a literate and cultured person, even the CEO of any company you are benefiting from. as result, that makes them fall under the same category of the doorman, think about it!

A lot of people annoys me when they say “you should treat your janitor in a good way, be down to earth”  what down to earth??? Janitors are not any less than you, they are your personal protectors, they guard your houses and your belongings against any invasion, and help you shelter your possessions, and though, without those people in your life see what could happen when you are out late partying or working.

Individuals are the one who builds these walls of segregation so do not blame it all on your culture. If you are that kind of person consider this your new year’s resolution; use your brain and understand that all individuals are outstanding and should be treated with respect, not because of a kind gesture from your side but because this is the way everyone should be addressed.


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