Do not blame it on the price tag of the skincare products because there are categories when it comes to beauty products. however, Affordable skincare products are present and it can be found any where, in supermarkets for instance.pampering your skin with less cost possible is possible. In fact, you will just need the right products to begin with, followed by efficient application procedures.

First, you should find out what is your skin type wither it is oily, normal, dry or combination.

Second, you got to visit your nearest drugstore and buy your skin care products, here is an example;

1)   Face Wash

2)   Toner

3)   Eye Cream (with Retinol is preferable)

4)   Sunblock (SPF 30 to 50)


After you have bought your products you should place them in a cool dry place not more than 25C, because if they are stored wrong they might go bad or lose their effect. Finally, you are ready to roll baby.


The Ritual: (Twice a Day)

1-   Wash you face with the face cleanser you have bought, try to make circular motions and give your face and neck a good massage when you apply the face wash. After you finish massaging just rinse your face with lukewarm water (not so hot, not so cold). Lastly, dry your face with a clean dry towel by patting; do not under any circumstances roughly rub the towel on your face.


2-   After your face is completely dry. Dispense a generous amount of toner on your palm and begin to distribute it all over your face and neck in one direction do not go back and forth. However, some people prefer to use cotton pads to allocate the toner, but i find that not goof for the skin.


3-   Now you can apply your eye cream, in my experience, there is a special technique that you should follow; first, you must avoid putting the product on your upper or lower lid, this  is a NO! NO!, anyways, Apply a pea size amout of cream on your orbit (the circle bone around the eye) and gently massage that area as shown at the picture below.


4-   Finally, the last step in that ritual is to apply you hydrating face cream on your face and neck. However, some people use two different creams one by day and one by night, but if you already bought the sunblock so you will not need to buy two different creams. Gently massage the cream in one direction avoiding you eye area and hairline as shown at the picture.





The sunblock cream application is same as the face cream, you should always wear the sunblock anytime you are outside bu only before 6 pm not after that, well just like the hat rule in England 😉



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