Being healthy is not a felony people, and when I ask the waiter for a skimmed milk or low cholesterol platter that does not mean that I am showing off or that I am a shallow person, however, it means I do care about my wellbeing and my figure. Therefore, this is a list of some healthy food that will fit right into your daily wholesome Diet.


apple close up cucumber delicious

An apple a day keeps anything wicked away; it is rich in vitamin C and fibers that allow the body to detox and cleanse itself. You can eat apples in many different ways, for instance, an apple tart, applesauce, and a cinnamon apple cake not to mention, the apple popcorn Balls for the kids, but of course all those should be sugarless, YUMMM! 😀


close photography of grilled meat on griddle

Meat is not hazardous, not bad and it is safe to be eaten, it is essential in anybody’s diet; however, there are some meat alternatives for vegan people such as Tofu and Seitan. to elaborate, Meat contains protein, vitamin b12 and iron. besides, it plays an important role in cancer preventation and it builds a strong immune system. Go have a BBQ diner man!!!



almond nut organic unshelled

Almonds are rich in copper, magnesium and b vitamins, therefore, it normalize cholesterol levels and they are also really good for the heart. Try a cup of almond milk every morning and you will see the transformation happening.



blueberry smoothie with rosemary sprig

It is like you are taking a safe organic sedative, it prevents a person from hypertension and make him/her feels relaxed and peaceful. Also it is a perfect remedy for urinary tract infection, not to mention, it is an immune system booster.


Coconut Sugar

beach coconut delicious food

For all the people with high blood pressure, here is your remedy, coconut sugar. It has 3 different b vitamins, iron and zinc. Also it is a great promoter for weight loss.


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