Being the youngest one is awesome!!

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girl face portrait child

1- Girls always enjoy having a younger brother, remember when you were forced to have a facial or when you and your sister pretends to be  dating at a restaurant to have the couple’s discount.

two boys sitting on vehicle bumper

2- you are always the innocent partner in crime, have you ever been grabbed by your brother to press all the buttons in the elevator and pranks the person who comes next.

adult birthday birthday gift box

3- this is the best one, on your friends birthdays you always share one gift to give, how awesome is that 😉

bridge child children fashion

4- if you have an older sibling you will always be blameless because your brother/ sister will always cover for you, but take care because pay back time might be sooner than you think.

person holding pink piggy coin bank

5- another fun fact about being the young one is that you will never have an empty pocket, you can ask for money from you older sibling incase your parents refuse to do so.

girls on desk looking at notebook

6- you will always have someone to do your homework with you.

boy child clouds kid

7- and above that all, you will always have a protector and a best friend for life.


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